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Here you’ll find insights for living and leading intentionally for anyone that considers themselves a Professional. Practical and directly applicable ideas, delivered in digestible and comprehensible bites.

You can expect topics, concepts, models, and other tidbits to help you be a more knowledgeable, skilled, and self-aware leader in both work and life.

This is a behind-the-scenes summary of the themes and ideas I cover with my Executive Coaching clients who work with me one-to-one. Kind of like being a fly on the wall in a coaching conversation, you’ll soak up information that will shift your perspective and help you sound that much more on to it in general!

I treat my Executive Coaching clients as whole people, and as such, you’ll find a diverse range of topics covered here. Expect things such as Wellbeing, Leadership, Self Improvement, Focus, Mindset, Motivation, Life Lessons and more.

How we know and lead ourselves impacts the type of leader we are at work. The Executive Brief will help build your self-awareness so you can be the best in every sphere of your life.

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Who is Kate, and Why Would You Bother Listening to Me?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll need a little convincing before being willing to soak up ideas from a stranger on the internet. So here goes . . .

I’m Kate Snowise. I reside in St Paul, MN, and really love corgis, but I will lap up a doggy snuggle with any pup willing to dish one out. I qualified as an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist (the business, leadership, personality, and culture kind of psychology) in my native New Zealand before moving to the US ten years ago and setting up my private practice as an Executive Coach. Before I had my own practice, I was a Consulting Psychologist, which included, at one point, managing a wider team of 13.

Since beginning my practice ( over nine years ago, I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of clients one-on-one and sharing my thoughts and ideas with thousands more via speaking and workshops. My clients come from diverse industries, including Tech, Banking & Finance, Construction, Retail Leadership, Creative & Arts, FMCG, and more.

I host a top-rated personal development podcast, Here to Thrive, which has over 1.3 million downloads to date. My thoughts have been published in Fast Company, Huff Post, MindBodyGreen, Thrive Global, and Forbes. I’ve also been humbled to be rated as a top Executive Coach by Culture Amp, Influence Digest, and the Coach Foundation.

Day on day, I’m working with professionals and senior leaders to help them live more considered lives and lead more intentionally in their careers. You can expect ideas grounded in science and practical tools from me, rather than superficial fluff you might find elsewhere.

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Top-rated Executive Coach (MS Psych) & Host of #HereToThrive Podcast. It's my mission to take people from happy enough to deeply fulfilled, in work and life.